Flagship Youth Leadership Council


The Flagship Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a youth group of members and alumni who work together to support the Flagship and create a culture of creativity and mentorship amongst mentors and members. The YLC will meet once a month for a one-year term to discuss operations of the Flagship and to plan upcoming activities. YLC members will help organize the Flagship space, greet new members and guests, promote the Flagship, and host Flagship activities as a group.

YLC members will be involved in the following:

    • As a group, creating suggestions around strengthening the Flagship space
    • Collaborating with the Flagship Community Advisory Board
    • Hosting various sessions, playshops, and workshops, for Flagship members and members of the community
    • Hosting Flagship tours while in the space and welcoming new members to the space
    • Performing outreach to the community and sharing promotional information with local organizations
    • Assisting in partnerships with local organizations and funders (example: discussing their Flagship experience)
    • Creating a culture of creativity, teamwork, collaboration, and fun

Flagship Youth Leadership Council members should have the following qualifications:

    • Always willing to learn something new
    • Able to attend at least 1 of 3 Youth Leadership Council Recruitment Events
    • Enjoy sharing their talents and skills with others
    • Willing to take constructive criticism and encourage creativity in others
    • Interested in meeting new members, guests, and organizations similar to the Flagship
    • Not afraid to take risks and to fail – we learn the most when we fail!
    • Comfortable with rearranging the Clubhouse space (no heavy lifting involved!)
    • Convey a sense of humor and patience!
    • Be familiar with the Clubhouse (have visited at least 3 times prior to applying)

Please contact the Flagship team with any inquiries or interests: gro.k1718484775rowte1718484775nesuo1718484775hbulc1718484775eht@p1718484775ihsga1718484775lf1718484775

Application Process

Youth are encouraged to apply by showing how they would be a good fit for the Youth Leadership Council through a short project. Applicants may choose one of the following options and hand-deliver or email it to the Flagship team at gro.k1718484775rowte1718484775nesuo1718484775hbulc1718484775eht@p1718484775ihsga1718484775lf1718484775 with “Youth Leadership Council Application” in the subject line.

Illustration Concept

Create an illustration using one or more mediums visually expressing why you would like to join the YLC. How does this benefit you? What are you hoping to inspire and change by supporting?

Graphic Design Resume

Create a resume of your skills and interests as well as your clubhouse experience. Design this resume as a flyer as if you were advertising yourself as a Clubhouse member/Youth Leadership Council member. What flair and graphically cool images, express the uniqueness you bring to the YLC. Your flyer or visual resume can be created in any photo editing/graphic design/illustrator/animation software.


Write a request or proposal as to why you should join the YLC. What workshops would you like to host during your membership? What organizations would you love to work with? What would you like to change in your community and what are you passionate about? The proposal should be at least 3 paragraphs to an entire page in length. Bullet points can be added for ideas and descriptions of workshops.


Meet the Flagship team virtually or in-person for a recorded video interview of your reasons for wanting to join the YLC. Be yourself, express your interests, and share how these would benefit the YLC. The interview will be in a series of 3 questions that will be provided to you beforehand.

Selected members will sign an agreement of participation in the Youth Leadership Council.