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Proletariat visits the Flagship CC!

Last Saturday the Flagship was packed for our game design workshop, hosted by Cambridge’s Proletariat Inc., a nearby indie game design company! Proletariat artists & reps Damon, Lauren & Kristen came by to talk about the work they do at their studio, and even showed a preview of their latest game World Zombination!! Afterwards, the team led Clubhouse Members & Mentors in a hands-on workshop where we watched our drawn characters come to life on Maya via character skinning. Characters...

Winter Work @ The Clubhouse

Update: We are hosting a GAME DESIGN WORKSHOP, featuring folks from Cambridge’s Proletariat Inc.! Meet & work with real game designers THIS SATURDAY, 2-5 PM January 25, at the Flagship! Sign up here! Here’s a small sampling of photos featuring the different projects, media, and art being created recently at the Flagship Clubhouse in a slideshow below: