Power of Good Podcast Interviews Clubhouse Manager Kahmal London

Quote in Image: One good thing about the Clubhouse is that youth will come here and may not be the most popular person in their school, but when they come to the Clubhouse, they can be a superstar. We offer so many different tolls and platforms for youth to be the best person they can be.

The “Power of Good” podcast highlights the work of people doing great things, caring things, often life-saving things for other people. Podcast host Jake Murray says, “These are the altruists, the optimists, and the social entrepreneurs among us – those helping others across backgrounds, politics, and geography in compassionate and creative ways.”

The podcast recently paid a visit to The Flagship Clubhouse in Roxbury to speak with Clubhouse Manager Kahmal London. Kahmal started out as a member of the original Clubhouse at Boston’s Computer Museum, which inspired him to eventually become a Mentor and share what he had learned with others. He also cites The Clubhouse Network as one of his founding inspirations to attend a four-year college. He shares parts of his story and speaks at length about his drive to inspire Boston’s youth.

Historically, a clubhouse is a place for kids to come together to escape from the outside world and the same holds true for the Clubhouse Network in Roxbury. This dynamic space is where teens of Boston are able to gather and hone in on their passions. In this episode, we speak with Program Manager Kahmal London on the importance of pursuing your passion while also developing creative and communication skills.

For more than 25 years, the Flagship Clubhouse has supported hundreds of youth in developing their passions through projects, workshops, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) activities, while providing a safe space for the exploration of a wide variety of creative technologies. The Flagship Clubhouse was founded in 1993 by The Computer Museum in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. In 2018, the Clubhouse and the global Clubhouse Network relocated to Dudley Square in Roxbury, a richly diverse and historic community in the heart of Boston.

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