Mentor Spotlight: Cassie Dorr

Name: Cassie Dorr

School: Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Year: Freshman (Foundation)

Role @ The Flagship Clubhouse:  Mentor

Skills and Interests: Cassie works in Photoshop and has experience with photography and camera equipment. Cassie is interested in learning any Flagship tool and has already learned most of them. Cassie looks forward to meeting new members.

Cassie can be found in The Clubhouse on Girls Day, Friday, and Saturday Open Hours.

Become a member, schedule a visit, and come say hi to Cassie!

Members work with clay, reflecting and reacting to the prompt “what I love about me” at Girls Day, taking place alternating Wednesdays
Cassie, left,  and other Clubhouse staff and members work with clay  at Girls Day, taking place alternating Wednesdays

You could be a mentor, too! Mentoring at The Clubhouse means joining an amazing community of creative teens and adults.  Learn more about mentoring at The Flagship Clubhouse.