Make a Cell Phone Stand out of a Postcard

You may have received a postcard in the mail from us that can be cut and folded into a stand for your cell phone. The video and photo instructions below will help you with this simple project. It only requires a pair of scissors.

This project is inspired by a craft design from krototak.

Video Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

1. Start with your postcard, instructions faced up. You’ll need a pair of scissors.

2. Use the scissors to cut along the solid lines, starting with the top corners.

2. After you’ve cut the corners, your project will look like this.

4. Continue cutting along the solid lines, cutting slits in the paper, but being careful not to cut any more pieces off of the postcard.

5. Fold the postcard in half along the dotted line in the middle. Keep the address information on the inside of the fold.

6. Unfold, and then fold down the two small tabs to the left and right of the triangle at the top of the postcard.

7. Bend the two ends of the card together, sliding the two small slips into each other. This connection holds the cell phone stand together.

8. Squeeze the postcard gently to add some bend to the side. It should look somewhat like a tube.

9. Place your cell phone on the phone, using the two little bent tabs for support. Congratulations! You’re done!