Clubhouse Leadership Crew


Our Clubhouse Leadership Crew for Summer 2017 is represented by (clockwise from top left) Victoria, Nick, Josiah, Eric, Ethan, Sarah, Albatool, Ina, and Mumina. Visit the CLC Summer 2017 blog to learn more about the CLC experience. ALL posts are by CLC members. 

The Clubhouse Leadership Crew (CLC) is a group of teens ages 14-18 who develop their skills in technology and share their deepening expertise with other Clubhouse members. They attend workshops and learn how to design, create, and innovate using technology. CLC teens also volunteer in The Flagship Clubhouse as peer mentors and gain valuable work experience. 

Participants who successfully complete the program are eligible to apply for paid internships. 

We are not accepting new CLC applicants at this time. Contact us to learn more.


Clubhouse Leadership Crew