Clubhouse-to-College/Career (C2C) Program

Gain first-hand experience with technology and skills that are in demand by employers.

Through C2C, you will

  • Develop skills for the workplace
  • Learn and sharpen your skills with technology

This program is for young adults who may be wondering about their next steps. It culminates in a paid summer internship placement at a local company or non-profit.

“The C2C program helped me advance my technology skills as well as gain work experience.” -Clubhouse alum

About Clubhouse-to-College/Career (C2C) Program

While un- and under-employment of young adults from low-income communities is disproportionately high, businesses often struggle to find qualified candidates—especially from underrepresented groups—to fill open positions in the STEM workforce. With its focus on professional technology tools and life skills valued in the workforce (problem-solving, initiative, collaboration), The Clubhouse holds a unique position to respond to these challenges. C2C draws on Clubhouse expertise to support the global need for a trained and ready workforce, in particular in STEM fields. Learn more.